frequently asked questions


I'd like to meet you first, do you offer face to face meetings? 

I sure do! Getting to know my prospective couples is really important. I love to hear about their stories and their vision for their wedding day. The first meeting will be a 45 minute meeting at my home studio - enough for a chat and for you to look at some albums. 

do you use professional equipment and have you got more than one camera if something goes wrong?  

I'm a canon shooter and use professional camera's and top of the line lenses. I use two Canon 5d Mark IV's and have a Mark III for back up, so I bring three camera's to your wedding. I have a range of lenses and three flash units. My camera's record to two memory cards. Should one card fail - there is a back up card. If something goes wrong with a piece of my gear - you won't know. The wedding continues and so do I. If you are looking around for your perfect wedding photographer - don't be afraid to ask this question, you have every right. If they only have one camera, this is a huge risk. They should have at least two and multiple lenses.  I'm overly cautious and like three camera's.  I've had camera's and lenses fail on me at weddings - it happens, but the couple were not impacted because I carry back ups. 

I know I'll be super excited to see my wedding photos so How long do our wedding photos take after the day and how are they delivered?

I'm a full time photographer which means I dive in and get it done super quickly! All your photos are personally edited by me and each one receives individual treatment consistent with my light and airy style. You receive a peak on my facebook page either that night or the very next morning after your wedding day. I usually have the blog post done the next day or within 48 hours. By delivering images via digital download there is no need to wait for the postman to deliver a USB. My general turn around time for your completed gallery is 1-2 weeks. Of course if I've had multiple weddings around the same time, it could be longer but I will give you an expected time. 

do I receive all the images taken on the day?

You receive most of them, even if a few are similar to each other. I basically take out the junk - eyes closed, test shots, that kind of thing. My average image amount for a full day is 900+. I do love my black and whites and there will be a few of those in your final collection.  

If i don't order an album in my original package, can i come back for one in the future? 

Yes definitely! I'd love you too. It's very special to have something tangible from your wedding day, and something that can be shown to future generations.  

You're from the central coast, is there a travel charge to newcastle and hunter valley & do you travel for weddings outside these areas?

No travel costs to these destinations for weddings from my 6+ hours and yes I definitely travel further. A travel fee outside these area's will be quoted on your enquiry. 

I don't offer video through my business, however I have a videographer who I love and who's shooting and editing style is similar to my own. This ensures consistency with your photos and video. If you're after photo/video, please let me know for a quote. I must know your wedding date first so I can check her availability. 

I most certainly will! This is so important for you to get the very best wedding day experience. Not only great photos but a realistic timeline will see you enjoy the day and not feel like you were being rushed.  I'll give you tips on timing your ceremony and reception time as well as when you should be ready. 

do you offer a second photographer?

Yes I certainly do. Some weddings will benefit from having the second photographer especially if the couple are getting ready at locations which might be a fair distance away from each other, or there is a large guest list, or you may want more images shot at different perspectives. Most weddings I shoot by myself. Years of experience and helping my couples with a timeline have allowed me to capture the day competently on my own, however for reason's above the option is definitely there. 

Do you mind if my guests take photos at my wedding? 

Firstly, this is your wedding and what you allow is entirely up to you. Personally I prefer guests not to take photos during the ceremony but I don't enforce it. You might hear this referred to as an unplugged ceremony. No technology allows me to capture the best images I can for my couples without having Uncle Bob pop up with his iPad and block me from getting the shot of the bride or grooms face as they watch their love walk down the aisle. Not only this but it's a beautiful thing for a couple to have their friends and family totally immersed in the words and not distracted by phones. I definitely don't mind guests taking photos any other time during the day as long as they don't take away your professional photo time.  

It's an honour to be considered to photograph a couple's wedding day, and it can be a daunting task for a couple to seek out their perfect wedding photographer. We all have different shooting and editing styles and of course, personalities. I prefer not to be booked simply because I am available, but because couples love my work and want their own beautiful images and wonderful experience. I want them to prioritise and value their wedding photography. After all, once the day is done - the dress is packed away, the vows have been said, the food has been eaten, your photos are your forever reminder. When you book me to shoot your day, it is only me you communicate with. I know what's going on with all my couples and it's so important for me to get to know them which is one of the reasons I provide complimentary engagement sessions. I limit my weddings each year so everyone receives the same quality service. 
Below are some frequently asked questions but if there is something I haven't covered, please get in touch. 

Do you offer video?

Will you help me with a timeline?

How do I book?

I will email you an invoice and my wedding photography contract. You are required to sign this and email it back to me. Along with this a $500 deposit secures your wedding date. Your balance is due four weeks prior to the date. Payments are made by direct deposit.