Personally, I'm a wife to Sean (Prawn) and Mum to my beautiful children - Jayden and Ella.  I couldn't be prouder of their sweet natures and gentle souls. I'm also Mum to our character filled English Springer Spaniel, Pluto. Check out Instagram! He features on here a lot. I love a good cappuccino, a beer or two, having a good old chinwag with friends (and anyone who likes to chat), I've watched every episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S too many times I pretty much know the lines, worries too much (it's a Mum thing), and am most comfy in my ripped jeans and t-shirt (it's ok, I will not turn up to your wedding wearing that!). 

Jodie Reardon Photography was officially launched in January 2013, however I am now into my 11th year shooting weddings and families! I’ve never officially counted (I know I should!) but I estimate about 400 weddings since then and how grateful I feel for all the happiness I’ve been a part of during these years. It’s truly an honour to be part of such a wonderful event in a couples life. I'm so appreciative of the experience and for all the amazing people I've met over the years. I've shot in all kinds of weather - yes it can be a challenge but you can't change the weather so you must adapt. 

I found out early on that out of all the wedding vendors, it was choosing a photographer that couples found the most overwhelming. You can get on social media and ask for recommendations and I guarantee you will receive a hundred names. Talk about feeling even more confused right? 

You could say my clients know me for my laid back approach, my down to earth nature, and my ability to communicate in a way where everyone feels comfortable. They book me not only because they love my work but because they trust me to photograph their wedding with professionalism and also be there to offer support on the lead up to their wedding. The fact that I’m a full time photographer with years of experience in shooting and editing gives them comfort knowing they will receive their entire gallery of images in a timely manner. They appreciate my knowledge of the wedding industry, the vendor recommendations, and my commitment in giving every client a meaningful experience while delivering images that are special and treasured for years to come. They love that I'm a chatter, that I joke around with their bridal parties, that I will tell the bride if she has lipstick on her teeth and that I'm a wizz at putting on buttonholes. 

Does this sound like you? Are you after a photographer who has years of experience, will put in 110% ,offer advice and tips, and someone you will have fun with on the day? Is having beautiful photos important to you? If not, save your money. But if you want a professional that guarantees images you will love, will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, get in touch because we're a match made in heaven!

Going into my 11th year of shooting and I still come home after each wedding day and cannot wait to share a sneak peak. Your excitement is my excitement. Your joy is my joy. I'm so happy you're here. 

I hope I get to share in your happiness. It would be an honour. 


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You get your photos back (generally in a week), and you give yourself a pat on the back because you're in love with your photos and are so glad you booked!

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You guys get married and I'll just shoot awesome pics. 
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Firstly, if you've come this far, you're loving my work. And I'm loving you love my work! 
A Jodie couple or as I like to call them #reardoscouples, want an experienced professional they can depend on in the lead up to the wedding and one who delivers a gallery of beautiful images in record time. They want someone they can trust, who is helpful and easy and quick to communicate with. They don't want a photographer who is super hyped up and in your face on your wedding day - but someone who is able to quietly capture the moments whilst being in the background. They want a calming presence on their day, and expect their photographer to give direction and be organised. They want a photographer who is down to earth, loves having a laugh and who will photograph all the crazy bridal party shenanigans.
Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of photographers out there? Trust me, I GET IT! I'll keep it simple. Check out below. 

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