I want them to know I'll always look after them and each and every wedding is just as special and important to me, even after all this time.
I will make it an easy process, I want my couples to feel like I'm a friend on their wedding day, not just the hired help. So if you want just hired help, someone you hardly know,  maybe I'm not the girl, BUT if you want someone who will genuinely care about you - you're in the right place. 

On a more personal level, I'm a wife and Mum and my children will always be my biggest achievement. I couldn't be prouder of their sweet natures and gentle souls. I'm also Mum to our character filled English Springer Spaniel, Pluto. Check out Instagram! He features on here a lot. 

Going into my 11th year of shooting and I still come home after each wedding day and cannot wait to share a sneak peak. Your excitement is my excitement. Your joy is my joy. I'm so happy you're here. 
I hope I get to share in your happiness.

I count my blessings. There are not too many people who can say they absolutely love what they do. I'm lucky. I spent years in jobs that gave me no satisfaction, but the dreamer here always wanted to make a living looking through the lens. I've loved it ever since high school, so much so that I set up the tiniest dark room under the stairs when I was about 16. I learnt to develop film and create black and white prints. How the process has changed since then. There is one thing that will never change and that's the ability to recognise beautiful light, and the skills needed to take a great shot.  
 Almost 11 years ago, I woke up and said to myself 'I'm quitting my job today' and never looked back. Fast forward and that day was about 350+ weddings ago.  The light lover was free at last.
From the start - the client experience with me will always be my number one priority. I want couples and families to not only love their photos, but love the way I make them feel when they are having their photo taken. I want them to be comfortable, to open up, to smile genuinely. 


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You get your photos back (generally in a week), and you give yourself a pat on the back because you're in love with your photos and are so glad you booked!

an amazing experience


You guys get married and I'll just shoot awesome pics. 
Pretty straight forward!

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How about an engagement session? Optional FREE engagement session when you book your wedding. You receive a gallery of images you'll be busting to put on Insta. 

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Get in touch! 
Tell me about your wedding day, Check out my packages. You can even see if your wedding date is free. If it's not free - you should change your date so I can be there... hint hint....

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Firstly, if you've come this far, you're loving my work. And I'm loving you love my work! 
A Jodie couple or as I like to call them #reardoscouples, want an experienced professional they can depend on in the lead up to the wedding and one who delivers a gallery of beautiful images in record time. They want someone they can trust, who is helpful and easy and quick to communicate with. They don't want a photographer who is super hyped up and in your face on your wedding day - but someone who is able to quietly capture the moments whilst being in the background. They want a calming presence on their day, and expect their photographer to give direction and be organised. They want a photographer who is down to earth, loves having a laugh and who will photograph all the crazy bridal party shenanigans.
Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of photographers out there? Trust me, I GET IT! I'll keep it simple. Check out below. 

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