How would I describe myself? I love a good laugh, and I love to make people laugh. I've always felt I'm more of a listener and am amazed at how many people will tell me their life story upon meeting, just in my every day life.  I must give off some sort of vibe. But that's cool, it's nice to know people trust and feel comfortable around me. I'm a wife and Mum to two amazing kids, and if you follow my Instagram you'll also see my third child, my special English Springer Spaniel, Pluto. He's my shadow, always looking to sit with his Mum. He's aging gracefully and is now 12 years old and as I type this, he's in the background snoring his head off. 

I always had a keen interest in photography and studied it in high school. I shot my first wedding for a friend in 2004 with a film Pentax film camera. I was pretty nervous! Back then you couldn't check your LCD panel to see if you nailed the shot - but I think this experience with film taught me how to understand light and shadows and it was essential you placed your subject in good light as there was no fixing it in photoshop. After my friends wedding, I picked up the prints from the lab and that was it. All in all, she was very happy but I knew I had so much to improve on. 

Wedding and family photography is my niche. I'm a lover of light and meeting new people and it allows me to keep learning and developing.
I love the atmosphere of a wedding, the fun, the romance, the sweet looks, the proud parent's watching on, those hugs from the grandparents, it's the countless fleeting moments of a wedding that I strive to capture so you can relive the day when you see your gallery. 

From the very beginning I wanted to bring my clients a positive experience in each aspect of my business. Not only through quality imagery, but also support and prompt communication. 

There's a huge sense of satisfaction when my artistic eye brings joy to my couples. I still book every single year so I know I've gained a solid reputation of being a great wedding photographer and business owner. 
My previous couples and fellow industry friends continue to recommend me - I'm truly thankful. 

Going into my 14th year of shooting and I still come home after each wedding day and cannot wait to share a sneak peek. Your excitement is my excitement. Your joy is my joy. I'm so happy you're here. 

I look forward to capturing some magic for you...

"With hard work, consistency, dedication to my business and clients,  I have established myself as a long-lasting professional in the industry."

Jodie Reardon is a Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Newcastle Wedding Photographer. 
Phone: 0421 902959

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