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A special place created just for you, so you can learn everything you need to know about weddings with me. Learn about my style of shooting and editing, and packages I offer. There is a sample wedding timeline to help plan, my wedding day photo checklist including those all important family photos,  vendor lists, and so much more. If you take me up on the complimentary engagement session, here is a peek at what your engagement session will look like. My hope is with this guide you will feel prepared and confident with the entire photography side of your big day.  And of course if you have any questions when browsing through, feel free to contact me. I'm here to help!

I would be thrilled 
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i would be thrilled
to capture your special day!

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MY Shooting and editing style

I approach a wedding day with positive vibes.  I'm easy going and want to immerse myself in your fun as much as possible, all the while being a photographic wizard! I've photographed hundreds of weddings and it's all that experience I bring to your wedding. 

Being a bride once myself, I know how important it is for you to be with your guests and not feel like your whole day was a photo shoot. I don't need you to be directly in front of the camera to capture incredible images. I want you enjoying the day, laughing and smiling and I'll capture it all naturally. 

There will be gentle direction when required but for the majority of it, I'm blending into the background. 

I love clear, sharp images with pretty colours, and natural and luminous skin tones. I believe in getting it right in camera by placing people in light that flatters faces without harsh shadows. I want to enhance the colours and beauty that is already there and not alter colour too much.  I adore black and whites and will provide you with some of your images in black and white as well as colour. 

 wedding packages

Wedding photography for small weddings or elopements where fewer hours are required start at $1395.  

My two popular packages start at $2695.

The two main packages I offer is a full day which starts from pre wedding preparations until a little after your first dance. The other is starting from your ceremony until a little after your first dance.  My full day includes a complimentary engagement session. This is a fantastic bonus! 

On enquiry, I encourage you to tell me a little about your wedding plans and I can offer you a tailored quote if you need. Otherwise you're welcome to let me know if you're enquiring about a full or half day of wedding photography.

For more in-depth information about my packages, please feel free to contact me here or scroll down to contact below

Photo and video packages

Be quick! This is subject to both of our availability.

I have teamed up with Bella Taylor of Bella Photo Art - Photo & Film to create a full day or half day photo/video package. 

Bella and I work amazing together. We love natural colours and shooting in the same light and would prefer to capture more natural moments rather than too posed. 

Why is this important? 
Your photos and video will be consistent. Like photo editing, video editing styles differ greatly. 

CURRENT PHOTO + Video special - please ask me about this amazing deal

The special is for 2024 and 2025 weddings

Once you notify me you wish to book in,  I send an email from my client management program. This will include three tabs: The invoice + terms and conditions + wedding day questionnaire. It's all on the one link, super easy. 

To reserve your date, a $500 deposit is required.  

If you're booking a photo/video package - you will receive two invoices, one from me and one from Bella.
Bella's deposit for video is $200

Please read the terms and conditions and contact me if you have any questions. 

your big day

booking in 

Is so easy! 

the wedding album

Optional Add On

Albums can be purchased after the wedding, or you can include it up front.  

I offer two albums. For a full day I recommend the 11'x14' flushmount with a full photo cover or leather cover with 40 pages. Replica parent albums available.

For a smaller wedding I recommend the 11'x14' flushmount with 20 pages. 

My albums are Australian made.

tell me more

My biggest tip is to be yourself and to be comfortable.

If we're doing a beach session, wear shoes you can kick off.

I love softer colours - whites, neutrals but I'm a big fan of a pop of colour. 

You could choose a colour palette and go off that. Example, white, tan, blue

Brides may like to tie their engagement session in with their makeup trial. Don't want that good makeup going to waste. 
Still struggling or want some visual inspiration?
Check out Scott and Joanna below! 

what to wear


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I have a few favourite spots in my local area on the Central Coast and I'll suggest these to you for you to decide. 

Not everyone loves the beach and we are lucky we have an abundance of parks and reserves surrounding us. 

As long as it's a relatively quiet spot with pretty afternoon sun, that's all we need. 

If you have any suggestions or places you like, you're welcome to let me know. 

Your session is generally a week day afternoon or a Sunday afternoon. 

when + where


tell me more

Not only are your engagement photos great to look back on but a few of my couples have incorporated them into their wedding or Save the Date cards. 

I've seen couples print and frame a different photo from their session and put them on the guest tables at the wedding reception as part of the centrepiece.
I've also created guest books using your images for your guests to write their well wishes. 

I've had couples print them and frame for an easel at the ceremony. 

 So many ways to be creative with them.

display ideas


Completely optional but such a fun one! I love these sessions because I really get a chance to get to know you as a couple and capture your relationship in a more personal way. And this goes both ways too! I want you to feel like I'm a friend as well, this will help us all be more comfortable working together on your big day! And when that friendship is there, magic happens. 
These sessions are Monday to Thursday afternoons only. 

engagement session 

Optional Complimentary

When you book my full day package  

close gallery

reception events
2-3 hrs

duck out of reception for sunset photos weather dependent
15 min

my arrival at ceremony area is minimum 20 minutes before
20 min

bridal party with newlyweds
20 -30min

newlyweds alone
20 - 30 min

* Details are things like: Rings, cufflinks, shoes, dress, jewellery, bouquets, buttonholes etc. 

family  portraits
20 min

ceremony, signing, walk down the aisle, guest congratulations
45  - 60 min

reception room photos 
5 - 10 min

for a bride  getting ready and details portraits
90 min 

for a groom getting ready and details* portraits
45 min

This is just a guide so you can see what my full day of wedding phootgraphy covers. If you're having my half day, take out the 'getting ready' part at the beginning of the day. 

This time line shows approximately 7.5 hours shooting, however no driving has been incorporated. My full day is up to 9 hours allowing time to drive to various locations throughout the day. 

My full day of photography enables enough time for dancing photos after the first dance. 

sample wedding day
photo timeline

I'm as excited as you are!

My hope is I've given you some ideas or tips on creating a special day. 

The main thing is, enjoy it! Weddings can be expensive, if something doesn't go quite right - let me tell you - no one notices! 

If it rains, we'll deal with it. Rain shots are pretty. 

Just have an awesome time. 

Hopefully I'm lucky enough to capture it!  

don't sweat the small stuff

If I'm going to plug anything - it's an unplugged ceremony. Pardon the pun! 
What does that mean exactly? Well it's when you request your officiant to ask your guests not to take any photos during the ceremony. 

Why is this important?
Well for one, a phone between you and your guests disconnects you. 
Would you prefer to look at your guests as you walk down the aisle? Make eye contact, smile at them without being blocked by a phone? 

For me shooting -  it doesn't matter how great a photographer I am, if someone jumps in front of me in a key moment, chances are I could miss it. I'm 100% sure you would prefer the shot from my top of the line professional camera than a photo from Uncle Bob's old Nokia. 

You may have asked someone to film the ceremony, I'm totally ok with that. As long as they are aware of where I am. I'm very considerate of this scenario. Let's work together to get the best for you. 

unplugged for the win

Every couple is different and vision their day a certain way. If you're set on seeing your partner waiting at the aisle for the first time that's wonderful. It's a special moment.

Some couples can be anxious about being the centre of attention. I find couples that do a first look and have a private moment between themselves before the ceremony eases their nerves.

It's a great opportunity to have a few photos together here and perhaps cut down photo time later so you can get to your guests sooner. 

My biggest tip - you do you. There is no rules when it comes to your wedding day, just options to make it special and more comfortable to you as a couple.  

consider the first look

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