Do you prefer photos that capture your relationship with your family, not just sitting there looking straight at the camera with fake smiles? I know I do! My sessions are fun and lighthearted. I love to capture the kids being themselves, exploring, giving Mum and Dad big cuddles, laughing and having fun. I have a few favourites locations on the Central Coast, beaches, and parks and do these sessions later afternoon when the light is soft. Sessions can be for families, extended families, couples, and maternity. 


Package 1 

Designed for those who want a few beautiful images at an extremely low price.
Great option for maternity photos or one immediate family. 

Session time is 30 minutes

10 Edited Images 

Monday to Thursday only

Package 2

Package 3

Up to 8 people

Session time is 45 minutes to an hour

50-60 Edited Images


Maximum 12 people

Minimum 1 hour shooting time. 

Minimum 90 Edited Images

$50 Print Credit to use to purchase prints through your gallery.


If you have more people, please let me know for a tailored quote.

$150 Session Fee
$50 per person
Up to 5 images per person
Group Photos if required (quoted on enquiry)
Both high and low resolution JPEG files provided.  


Head shots - location



Ian Boyle of RayWhite, Berkeley Vale

Portrait FAQ's.

Where do you shoot your portrait sessions?

Some of my favourite locations for portraits are: Bateau Bay Beach, Spoon Bay, Crackneck Lookout, on the lake at Berkeley Vale. Portraits can also happen on your own property.  Beaches I choose aren't for the background of the ocean but for our gorgeous national park surrounding them. 

What time of the day is best? 

The best time is when the sun is lower in the sky, so later in the afternoon. The sun is less intense and more flattering as shadows are softer. I love backlit images which means the sun is behind you. This avoids squinting and gives me the soft blurred glowing background I love. In daylight savings a start time of around 6pm and out of daylight savings I like to shoot from 3pm. Understandably this might not be suitable so earlier starts are possible. Early morning is always an option too. 

What do we wear?

Be yourselves and be comfortable. My biggest tip is to avoid too many patterns - it can be distracting. Don't all dress in the same colours - the denim and white thing is a fad that has passed in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, denim and white look great, but just not on everyone. It can look as though you are all in a uniform. If it's a session on the beach - dress for the surrounds, shoes you can kick off, a nice dress, neutral tones, with a pop of colour. 

Do you photograph newborns? 

If you're after the props in a studio environment, at this stage - no I don't offer that. I absolutely will shoot newborns with their family in an outdoor location. The baby is always held by Mum, Dad or a sibling and I can definitely get close up shots of the baby. 

What sort of images do I receive? what is your style? 

I like to offer variety and photograph different family combinations, for instance the kids individually, the kids together, kids with Mum, kids with Dad, whatever the family dynamic. I like to do some all looking at the camera with happy faces and interacting with each other. My style of editing is natural colours and skin tones, with a touch of enhancement. I edit my photos to stand the test of time. If you're having a mini session - I will confirm with you what it is you'd mostly like with your 10 images. 

How and when do I receive my images? 

Images are put into your own secure gallery. You will receive an email for you to download them. They are high resolution JPEG files. They are delivered within 3 days of your session with a sneak peak on my facebook page. 

where can I get them printed? 

You can purchase prints through your gallery. I offer photographic prints starting at size 6'x4', canvas, acrylic or framed prints. I can guarantee the quality and colour. If you choose to get your images printed somewhere else, I cannot guarantee they will print to how I've edited them. Eg, cheap prints mean cheap paper and that greatly affects the colour.  

what happens in the case of bad weather? 

We postpone the session. Overcast we can still go ahead. In the case of rain or heavy winds - we postpone. No one want's photos with their hair flying everywhere. If it's just the beach that might be a bit too windy, if possible I will change the location to somewhere a little more sheltered. 

how do i make payment? 

Payment is made by direct deposit, credit card (2.5% surcharge), or cash on the day of the session. 

do I need to make a deposit

Yes, a $100 non refundable deposit reserves the date and time. If we need to postpone because of various reasons such as the weather or illness, your $100 will be transferred to the new date and time agreed on. 

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