A Family Photo Session at Wyong Creek

When this is your backyard, why would you go anywhere else for a family session?


Casey was gifted with a family photo session from a relative a couple of years back and recently I captured her and her beautiful kids doing what they love in their own home – being surrounded by horses.

 When I arrived I was greeted by 4-year-old Lucia, we had a great chat and her older brothers Dominic and Elijah soon appeared telling me all about Pokemon and that if they were good for their photo session, they were heading off to the pub for dinner. Soon enough, little Sophia wondered out (complete transformation, she had just come home from daycare when I arrived and yes – you could tell she had just been at daycare haha), and soon enough I was carrying her as she reached her arms up to me to be picked up. Kids love me 😉

What amazing children and so good with the horses. Little Sophia looked quite miniature as she walked along with a black beauty. I’m so glad they decided to wait till the end of the session to play in the horse water and start scooping 😉

Oh, and I can’t forget Chilli the dog! What a lovely nature, excited and playful.

What a great way to grow up.