A Newcastle Family, Kids and Pets Session!

I love catching up with couples whose weddings I have photographed. Craig and Amy were married at Pullman Magenta Shores in 2016 and we followed that with a maternity session. For this session, the brief was photos with Christine (Amy’s Mum) and Amy’s beloved dog, Tilly and of course the rest of the family. 

This was all done in Amy’s parent’s backyard and what a lovely yard to shoot in. We were able to bring Christine outside for a few photos. I remember Christine well from the wedding. She was walking and talking then, she was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers at age 57. It’s clear to see how loved she is and what a great thing to do a few days before Mothers Day. 

Tilly who just turned 15, still gets around with a little rest here and there. A Shih Tzu cross Cattle Dog! I picked the Shih Tzu but was surprised to hear Cattle Dog. Who knew those two breeds would make such a cutie? Amy’s sister Amanda was also there with her boys and their gorgeous labradoodle Molly. What a sweetheart Molly is. I love these breeds, they look like a big teddy bear and are extremely tolerant. 

Towards the end of the session, Mel brings the pet parrot outside for a few pics. This is a family of animal lovers! My kind of people.