A Norah Head Sunset Wedding

Perfect conditions for a short and sweet ceremony – just how Karen and Ben wanted it. 

The wonderful Kate Tyler-Webber got these two married by the water’s edge at Norah Head Rockpools on a sunny afternoon, along with Karen’s daughters and Mum, and a few close friends. 

Kaz and I go way back. We’ve known each other for twenty plus years so I know things have not been the easiest for her in the love department. I was looking forward to meeting Ben, the one who has stolen her heart and what a truly lovely guy, a pleasure to photograph with a warm smile and both their happiness simply radiated. When Karen told me about Ben, she told me they were friends since primary school and would often walk to school together. Not the nicest of circumstances to rekindle, but they attended a mutual friends funeral, and that’s how this all started. As we were doing photos after the ceremony, they sat down and had a toast to the friend who had passed and what a lovely tribute to her.

I had so much fun shooting this girl I’ve known a long time but haven’t seen in years – you don’t change at all Kaz and your girls are gorgeous. Not much direction required from me when these guys just let their hair down, laughed, kissed, cuddled, joked around – it’s my favourite way to shoot – honestly and candidly. 

Wishing you both all the love in the world. You guys deserve it. 

Much love,