About Me

Welcome! I’m Jodie.

Thanks for visiting and if you’re getting married – CONGRATULATIONS! It truly is such an exciting time as a couple. I believe a photographer does more than just provide a service – it’s about connection and you can’t connect with someone you know nothing about so here is a little about me!

  • I was born in Auburn Hospital and moved to the Central Coast with my Mum and sister when I was 6 years old. I was always pretty arty and loved drawing. In my teenage years I was obsessed with Beverly Hills 90210, Blue Light Disco’s, shopping at Erina Fair, Friday night sleepovers, and working out more excuses of how to get out of P.E and Drama. I loved English and Japanese and regret not keeping up Japanese – I love this language. It’s something I’d love to study again one day. 


  • I met my husband when I was 16. We were friends before we eventually got together in our early 20’s. We’re parents to Jayden and Ella. They are amazing kids – kind, compassionate, academic, tall! Most importantly, they have good hearts. My other child is my Springer Spaniel – you may see him pop up on my facebook page every now and then when I have a new lens to test out. He is full of character and a big part of our family. I too was once a bride which doesn’t seem all that long ago – time flies! So here is a little about my own wedding.


  • We got married at the Norah Head Lighthouse in 2009, we’d already had our children, and at the time Jayden was 6 and a half and Ella was 2 and a half. Ella was never into dolls but loved her plush toys, at the time a bright colourful dog was the favourite and it features in most of my photos, I absolutely love that! I look at them and say ‘Remember when Ella was obsessed with that dog’. We got married in the month of November and let me tell you – it was HOT! About 34c, the next day was 40c so we didn’t do too bad. It was a very casual affair, no set seating, a buffet dinner and our surf club (North Entrance) to hire was about 500 bucks! We were on a pretty tight budget and it definitely wasn’t anything fancy but we had the most amazing day. The boys were bright red in my photos because I was a tad late to the ceremony and they were standing out in the sun. My photographer was Dave Benson and he’s the one I used to tag along with when I was starting out and getting into weddings so I’m very grateful to Dave for the opportunity. My Dad passed away 2 months before we got married and Sean’s Dad passed away on New Years Eve that year – 2009 was a good and not so good year. So by the time we got married, we’d already bought our first house (you could say the worst house in the best street), and have been fixing it up ever since – these things take time ;). We put a three car garage in our yard, and years later Sean was so kind to give me a third which I turned into an office space for my work – not that he had much of a choice! This is where couples come to meet where I have albums and displays on the walls and I spend a fair amount of time here during the week with editing and running the business. 


  •  Photography has been my full time gig for 10 years now, and Jodie Reardon Photography was launched in January 2013. I work hard within my business and am proud to say I’ve won the Central Coast Brides Choice ‘Highly Commended’ award for 2016, 2017, 2018 and took out ‘Winner’ for 2019. Photography is the biggest category and to win this is awesome.


  •  My approach to your wedding day – I’m a calm presence amongst what can be a hectic day. I want you to be comfortable with me, I want you to open up and not be afraid to throw your arms around your new husband or wife, to show the love, to laugh, to just be you. I guarantee you won’t feel like your wedding day was spent with a great big camera in your face because a lot of what I capture throughout the day is not posed, I’m blending in just shooting the action! 


I truly am glad I bit the bullet years ago and left a job that ‘just paid a few bills’ and went out and followed my dream to one day make a living as a photographer.It gives me so much satisfaction knowing that I have created so many beautiful everlasting memories for my gorgeous couples. 

So that’s a little about me – If you love my work and think my approach is suited to your wedding day, I’d love to get to know you too. 

I look forward to meeting you and hopefully be lucky enough to be a part of your day.


PS – Oh yes – I can’t leave without showing you a picture of this handsome thing! Pluto. He loves chicken, walks, leaving his hair all over the house, hunting lizards, and eating the occasional fly.