About Me

Hunter Valley & Central Coast Wedding Photographer

Jodie Reardon

Email – jodiereardon@bigpond.com
Phone – 0421 902959

I’d like to personally thank you for taking the time to look at my images and if you’re getting married – congratulations to you and your fiancé on your engagement. It’s such an exciting time planning a wedding, it can be a little overwhelming, ok sometimes a lot overwhelming – but it all comes together and your efforts in planning are well worth it. 

So, a little about me….

I’m a wife to Sean and Mum to Jayden and Ella – The apple of my eye. My other child is my Springer Spaniel – you may see him pop up on my facebook page every now and then when I have a new lens to test out. He is full of character! I love what I do, I get to attend beautiful weddings and work in the comfort of my own home during the week editing images and designing albums. I also like hitting the gym and catching up with friends for coffee. 

Photography has been my full time gig for 9 years now. I work hard within my business and am very proud to say I’ve won the Central Coast Brides Choice ‘Highly Commended’ award the last 3 years in a row which is when these awards started. Photography is the biggest category and to win this is awesome. I’m so stoked my couples take time out to vote for me. 

I work from a home office/small studio so I can meet with clients here and they can view a variety of my work. I have lots of albums to flick through and images hanging on the walls.

I developed an interest in photography way back in high school, where I learned to develop film (yes film!), in a darkroom and make my own black and white prints using an enlarger and chemicals. Photography has evolved tremendously since then but it’s great that I have experienced both and let me tell you that rolling film on a canister in pitch black darkness was not easy. I shot my very first wedding in film for a friend. I must have shot about 20 rolls, dropped them at the lab and picked them up a few days later – no editing involved! I’ve had people ask me if I’ve done courses in photography, and I’ve done a few over the years, however it’s more about understanding light and shadows and for the most part it’s all experience and teaching myself. I started off photographing kids in a studio environment, and gradually got into weddings. I’ve been shooting weddings for nine years, mostly on the Coast and the Hunter Valley. We certainly have some gorgeous locations for weddings from garden settings to beautiful beaches. 

My approach to your wedding day – Some of my favourite shots are the ones where the couple had no idea I had the camera on them. I don’t need to be in your face to shoot great images and to be honest I prefer not to be too close – especially at times when you should just enjoy the moment, like your ceremony and mingling with your guests afterwards. I will stay out of the way for the most part of your day, however I will give you direction when needed. Couples always tell me they want ‘natural’ looking photos and whilst I get exactly what you mean, unless you’re used to being in front of a camera – everybody requires a little guidance.

Weddings are fun – they are a celebration and a day you will never forget. For myself, there’s nothing better than capturing moments of pure happiness, laughter and love – especially those genuine moments, when a couple are looking at each other when they don’t think anyone is watching. Images you will look back on and remember that moment in time. Each wedding to me is a new experience, because no two are the same, and every couple is unique with their own love story. 

I’ve met some incredible people in the past few years, and I like to think I’ve become a friend to my past clients as they have to me. I’ve had so many laughs with some terrific and fun bridal parties and nothing makes my day more than to see everyone in the bridal party have an absolute brilliant day. I always make sure they bring the beverages during the shoot because its their time to chill out and have a great time.

So that’s a little bit about me and how I work – If you like my images and you think my approach is suited to your wedding day, I’d love to get to know you too. 

I look forward to meeting you and hopefully be lucky enough to be a part of your day.


PS – Pic below of the said springer spaniel. “Pluto”