The below is a list of dates that I have booked for weddings. Should you love my style but I am unavailable for your wedding date, please still get in touch as I have some wonderful photographer friends who have a similiar style and who I guarantee will do an amazing job.

NOTE: In light of the Covid 19 situation, many of my 2020 couples are now rescheduling to 2021 so these dates are filling up fast. The follow on affect may be that 2021 couples are going to find that popular wedding vendors might have limited availability so please book your favourite vendors as soon as you can. For now 2020 weddings still remain uncertain, which may mean many more weddings from 2020 being postponed. 

My availability

August 2020

Saturday 15th - unavailable

Saturday 29th - unavailable

September 2020

Saturday 19th - unavailable

October 2020

Friday 9th - unavailable

Saturday 10th - unavailable

Sunday 11th - unavailable

Saturday 17th - unavailable

November 2020

Saturday 14th - unavailable

Friday 20th - unavailable

December 2020

Saturday 12th - unavailable

Weddings for 2020

March 2021

Saturday 6th - unavailable

Saturday 13th - unavailable

Saturday 27th - unavailable

April 2021

Saturday 10th - unavailable

Saturday 17th - unavailable

May 2021

Saturday 1st - unavailable

Saturday 15th - unavailable

Saturday 22nd - unavailable

June 2021

Sunday 13th - unavailable

Saturday 19th - unavailable

September 2021

Friday 3rd - unavailable

October 2021 

Saturday 16th - tentative

November 2021

Saturday 20th - unavailable

weddings for 2021

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