Brad & Catherine – Stonehurst, Cedar Creek: 5.2.22

My heartfelt congratulations go to Brad and Cat who were married at Stonehurst Cedar Creek. I was so looking forward to shooting this wedding but unfortunately Covid was in the house so I had to self isolate. The first wedding in 12 years I’ve been unable to shoot, but this is the way things are at the moment. I actually wasn’t the only one who couldn’t make it, Dann the celebrant had to replace himself and judging by the photos, Marney did the most fabulous job! She looks so bubbly and lots of fun. I’m so happy it came together for Brad and Cat. What a great wedding community we have, to be able to step in for each other when we can. 

Biggest thanks goes to Lisa Lent who stepped in and shot this wedding on my behalf. Luck would have it Lisa was available on this date and I’m so happy I could replace myself with such a wonderful photographer. Lisa and I have a very similar shooting style, we love the same kind of light (those back lit shots is what we get way too excited over) we love the candids and we love our editing to be natural, nice colours, true to life skin tones and just the right amount of pop. 

Now as I edit these images, I’m getting such a happy vibe. This ceremony is full of laughing photos and I’d love to know what was being said here. Lisa tells me that Cat was a bit of a ‘secret’ that no one knew they were dating for 2 years! I need to hear more about this! I think I see a game of paper scissors rock during the ceremony. Lisa tells me the day was a bit wild with the weather but you’d never know by these photos. 

You’ll see that Cat did a first look with her Dad and then with Brad – I love this idea. You can do some photos before the ceremony and have less time away from your guests. So most of the bridal party photos were taken earlier in the day, allowing Lisa to take just Brad and Cat off for some photos of the two of them. 

It’s a bit unusual posting a wedding I didn’t shoot, but I honestly feel like I’m there looking at all these images. 

Thank you Lisa for being there and as always your images captured so much emotion and you’re just a downright legend photographer. 

PS – Lisa and I are obsessed with FRIENDS – hence the ‘See… he’s her lobster’ sign…..that was for me! 

And PPS – I can’t believe I missed a Gelato Bar and Donut Wall…… 

Their Amazing Vendors

Stonehurst Cedar Creek

Kel-Leigh Couture 

Hair by Aleica Pace

Kayla Clifford Makeup

Celebrant – Marney McQueen (stepping in for Dann The Celebrant Man)

Floral Affects & Events Hire

Eden Catering

Dragonfly Cakes

Tom from Dynamic Dj’s