Central Coast Maternity Shoot

The countdown is on!

Unsure of whether to do a maternity shoot these guys reached out to me a few weeks back. I shot Cassie and Jason’s wedding in 2020 and I was so happy to hear they’re expecting a baby. I adore these two – and it was lovely to catch up. We tend to forget what we look like when pregnant, and I’m happy to provide these memories to look back on, it’s truly a special time. 

It’s so lovely to see so many more women have professional photos taken when they’re pregnant, at a time when we often don’t feel our most attractive (well for me anyway – I packed on the weight with my first) so I’m always a bit amazed with women like Cassie who are full term and have just the belly. 

Another thing I love to hear is when couples don’t find out the gender of the baby. Most people do now and each to their own, but I think waiting all that time for a surprise, just makes it a little extra special. 

My bet on this one – it’s a girl. 

Interested in a Maternity Session? I’d love to hear from you!