Jason & Cassie – Firescreek Winery & Gracelands Forresters Beach: 20.11.20

It certainly was a ‘Main Event’ when these two got married on Friday! As I look through their photos I was reminded of just how special this day was to both of them. As Jason was waiting for Cassie I could tell he was trying so hard to hold it together, and he had the most loveliest expression as he watched her walk down the aisle. The same with Cassie – she was fighting the tears as she walked towards Jason. 

I met these guys earlier in the year and I had a feeling Jason was the brother of someone I went to school with and as soon as I saw him – I knew he was. I’d also done some photos for sister Katrina quite a few years back. When we met, we chatted for a few hours and it was comfortable and easy. We did an engagement session a little while ago and that just gets me more excited for their big day!

A ‘Covid’ wedding certainly does have a few challenges but I really don’t think this impacted their day – it was so very special, with lovely family and friends who were all so very happy for Cassie and Jason and these two are definitely meant to be. 

Thanks so much for booking me to capture your amazing wedding – I wish you two nothing but good times and happiness and an amazing honeymoon!