Nic and Lauren at Pullman Magenta Shores Central Coast

A day full of love and emotion, happy tears, but most of all, plenty of beaming smiles. 

Congratulations to Nic and Lauren.  Two people who wear their hearts on their sleeves, who are obviously so adored by their friends and family and who are absolutely crazy about each other. Their wedding was such a heartwarming place to be. 

They were married on the lawn of Pullman Magenta Shores on a beautiful November afternoon. To make this ceremony extra special, it was Lauren’s Mum, Julie who officiated and what a brilliant job she did. Their vows to each other were so sweet and it was at this part the waterworks hit most of us. 

As they beamed down the aisle, their faces held those amazing smiles for the rest of the day. They laughed, kissed, danced and had an absolute cracker of a day. 

Lots of fun with the bridal party, it rained champagne and our beautiful bride was a stunner in that amazing dress. Nic looked so handsome with his ‘bright blue eyes and fluffy brown hair’ 😉 I put a wink here because that was part of Lauren’s vows. 

They entered the reception, straight onto the dance floor with an incredible first dance, and spent the rest of the evening mingling with their guests. Listening to the speeches really made you understand how incredibly loved these two are and how much they love their families. 

Thank you Lauren and Nic for choosing me to capture it all. I wish you both every happiness in the world.