Paul & Cindy – Blue Bay Resort: 18.12.20

This one is a bit more personal. I’ve known Paul since I was a 20 year old spring chicken and worked at a local club. Paul was one of my supervisors and it wasn’t long before we became mates. We live close by and by chance I ran into him a few months back and he told me about him and Cindy finally getting married…

I’m not going to harp on this but I need to say – Paul you were amazing yesterday… you showed so much energy and joy after undergoing your chemo, even though I know you were tired – it didn’t show. This slideshow is long – there is so many wonderful moments I just need to share… Cindy you with your Mum – how absolutely beautiful and her delight as she was wheeled in and saw all the people she loved. 

Your family and friends were all with you yesterday to rejoice in your happiness and I was one of them. I’m so glad I ran into you that day Paul and I know you weren’t going to have an official photographer so I’m happy I was able to do this for you guys.

Hope you love it.