Scott & Rachel – Blue Gum Regional Park, Minmi: 13.6.21

When I call these two nerds I mean it in the nicest possible way! They actual argue who is nerdier… with their love of medieval, ancient history, I think I heard Dungeons and Dragon’s in there somewhere, and a fascination for old cemeteries , the location was just so appropriate. I can relate to the love of old cemeteries – I have a fascination for them myself and the older the better. I find them a place of peacefulness and as I read the headstones I wonder who they were and the lives they had (is that weird, maybe??). Thanks for having me capture your wedding Scott and Rachel and wishing you all the happiness in the world (and lots of re-runs of FRIENDS – Rachel and myself had that in common too!). Maybe there were a couple of ‘Chandler’ faces in there as well 😉