Celebrate T21 – Genevieve: 19.7.20

This year I signed up to be one of the photographers for ‘Celebrate T21’. This is a wonderful initiative and each year a book is created full of beautiful photos of people with Down Syndrome. The book is put into a pack and provided to families who have a diagnosis of Down Syndrome. We do the session free of charge and the parents choose a couple of favourite images to feature. Yesterday I met this gorgeous girl – she greeted me with a big cuddle – OMG I could’ve cried, to walk up to a perfect stranger and just hug them – that is so special! After my cuddle, she then marched off and sat herself in the long grass and refused to uncover her face with her hands haha. She really committed herself to it and it took a while and a lot of bubbles to get her to come out of her shell, but she did and she was a delight to photograph. One thing’s for sure, she has lots of love, determination (she would’ve taken off with my camera if I’d let her), walks like she’s on a mission, and is full of character and so expressive. I have another 2 sessions booked in and can’t wait!