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Archie and Kylie – Norah Head Lighthouse:18.12.19

It’s possible to put together a wedding in no time at all and here is proof. Hats off to Kylie and Archie who put together such a beautiful day at the Norah Head Lighthouse. I was in the right place at the right time when Tracy introduced me to Kylie and Archie after I’d finished shooting my last wedding there on the 7th of December. They were looking to book the grounds and set the date for only 11 days later! With a morning ceremony, the cottage for accomodation, the marquee right out front for the reception, everything was absolutely lovely and so convenient. No time restrictions and I’ve since spoken to Kylie who tells me everyone had a wonderful time and it was great for family who don’t see each other too often to catch up. 

It was wonderful to see these two marry after 20 years together, made official by Celebrant Glenda Davison along with their wonderful children and be surrounded by their family and friends. 

Congratulations Kylie and Archie – enjoy your slideshow!


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Chris and Curess – Norah Head Lighthouse: 7.12.19

How special to renew your wedding vows after ten years married. Chris and Curess married at the Shelly Beach Golf Club on the 5th of December 2009. Their renewal was as much for their children as it was them. They didn’t have a professional photographer on their wedding day, however they did have a friend who took a few photos but this was their chance to have professional photos, and finally be able to have some to hang up at home. Celebrant Edward Taylor married them ten years ago and of he officiated again yesterday. Chris and Curess, thank you for inviting me to photograph your commitment to one another. It was so nice to spend this time with you and the family and I hope you all had a great night celebrating. 

Happy 10 years! 

Enjoy your sneak peek!


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Matthew and Samantha – Norah Head Lighthouse & Pullman Magenta Shores: 9.11.19

They met at a soccer game. Matt got called off the field for an eyebrow ring and Sam came to his aid to try and get it out, but only bolt cutters fixed that ;). Fast forward 8 years and here they are – now married and ready to start a new chapter of life. 

I learned a little more about their story yesterday and may I say these two have endured so much, however their hardships have created such an evident special bond between them and it was wonderful to see them marry yesterday.  

Thank you Sam and Matt for welcoming me into your lives to capture this magical day. To the bridal party – thanks for your antics and for being absolutely amazing. I was so happy to be a part of your day and I may have had a little lump in my throat during some parts of the ceremony and speeches but mostly your happiness and love for each other certainly made me smile and get my ‘money shots’. A Happy Birthday to the groom who also turned 30 yesterday! Tequila shots all round was in order!

Wishing you both a beautiful life together with so much happiness – you two definitely deserve it. 

Enjoy your slideshow – images will be uploaded to my facebook page for sharing :). 


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Brendon & Denni – Norah Head Lighthouse: 20.1.18

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Peter & Samantha: Norah Head Lighthouse & The Lake House – 25.11.17


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Tim & Stephanie – Norah Head Lighthouse, Toowoon Bay SLSC: 21.10.17


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Sankalp & Anna – Norah Head Beach: 30.12.15




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