Whitney & Harry – Riverwood Downs: 10.4.21

When I walked into where the guys are getting ready and one of the first things said to me was ‘Do you want a beer?’ – I knew I was with my kind of people hehe. Of course I didn’t though – we want most of the pics to be in focus yeah?  Where do I start? This wedding was absolutely bloody AMAZING! What makes a wedding so good? It all comes down to the people – 100%! It’s about close friends, families and everyone being in good spirits – having fun, catching up, forgetting their troubles for the day and immersing themselves in the happiness of two people. 

There are so many standouts from this wedding – to name a few – the ‘Flower Man’ coming down the aisle to Cherry Pie, the girls lifting Harry, the boys lifting Whitney, the bridesmaids singing a song about Harry and Whitney at the reception, Dad who had to top their speech so he had to do a little dance to Tom Jones, and so much more! I have to give a shout out to the bridal party – I can see why Harry and Whitney had to have you guys with them on their day. You were all so much fun, you made me feel so at home, and I loved just capturing your antics. 

Harry and Whitney – although we couldn’t meet until the day – it made no difference. We connected so easily!  You clearly had the most wonderful day with your loved ones. Congratulations on becoming husband and wife and thanks for choosing me to capture this magical day xxx

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