Beau & Kristie – Firescreek Winery, Holgate: 9.10.20

Beau and Kristie always wanted their wedding like this – just the two of them, their gorgeous boys Hunter and Bailey, parents and Nan. This was not a changed wedding due to covid, it was always going to be all about just getting married without all the fuss and today couldn’t have been more perfect. Firescreek all year round is beautiful but at this time, is just so vibrant and green and peaceful.  I’ve been loving my small intimate weddings lately and I always feel very lucky to capture these.. don’t get me wrong – I love a big wedding but it’s not for everyone and that’s totally ok. At the end of the day whether you invite no one or a hundred people, you still get married and that’s the whole point. I know Beau and Kristie will look back in years to come and love that their boys are in their wedding photos. I got married after kids and one of my favourite things is to look at how little my kids were in my photos. Congratulations to a truly lovely couple – wishing you a wonderful life together.