Ben & Kayla – Shelly Beach Golf Club: 21.9.19

Thanks for having me a part of your day Ben and Kayla! Or as Kayla’s Dad Matt put’s it ‘Ken and Bayla’. I met these two three years ago when I photographed Kayla’s Marvel themed 21st birthday party. Her family were so lovely and it was great to see them all again yesterday. I started with Kayla and the girls at Holgate and headed over to the Golf Club where it was a tad breezy (putting it lightly here). A sweet ceremony by Fiona Rogers, and a little awww moment from me when I heard Ben say how he thinks Kayla is the most beautiful woman to him and I thought he’s such a gentleman. Some very proud parents yesterday. 

After we battled some wind during the photos and a veil with a mind of it’s own, we went for a bit of a hoon on the golf course in the buggy’s and thankfully we weren’t knocked out by any golfballs as there were still quite a few golfers around.  We headed back for a night of celebration, great speeches, wonderful food and awesome company. 

Wishing you two all the very best – hope your day was all you dreamed of. 

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