Chris & Lauren – Norah Head and North Entrance SLSC: 12.10.19

I loved putting this slideshow together! It’s quite a long one because there’s so much I want to share about this day. It was wonderfully joyful, with happy fun-loving people. Lauren and Chris tied the knot at Cliff Street Reserve on an overcast day – it was one of those days – is it going to rain or not and  the decision to be made ‘should we still go ahead outside’ – they did and it was the right decision! A tiny bit of rain during the ceremony but really hardly anything at all. I started with Lauren and the girls who all looked absolutely stunning, and headed over to the ceremony for photos of Chris and the boys – these guys definitely didn’t need me to tell them what to do for photos – they were being themselves, having a great time, laughing and enjoying every minute of the day and maybe a sneaky drink from the hip flask (yeah I saw ya’s)! Lauren arrived in a limo with the girls, and was walked down the aisle by her Dad and Grandad, very special indeed. Chris was all smiles and welled up when he saw his kids and his beautiful bride. A wonderful ceremony by Denise Butler, personal vows (some not appropriate to write here haha), and two people now ecstatic to be married! After some photos at Norah Head, we headed to the reception which included some pretty epic moves as the bridal party entered, followed by a night of fun and dancing. 

Mr and Mrs Hitch, it was a real honour to capture you guys getting hitched. A huge congratulations from me and thank you for having me be a part of this fabulous day!